3 Cars is a game of quick thinking and fast action that takes multitasking to a new level! You control three cars, each in its own lane, moving up the track. Your goal is to avoid obstacles in the path of each car. If any car hits an obstacle, it's game over. The neon colors and cool retro sound effects make this game even more exciting. Get ready for a fun and challenging experience that will test your reflexes and coordination!

How to play: Click the big play button on the welcome screen to start. Tap anywhere on the screen to begin moving your three cars.


Desktop: Use your mouse to control the direction of any of the three cars.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the lane of each car to move them away from incoming obstacles.

Gameplay: The goal is to keep your three neon-lit cars moving forward as far as possible. Each car has its own lane, and obstacles will appear in their paths. Guide each car by clicking or tapping to move them left or right to avoid the obstacles. If any one of your cars hits an obstacle, it's game over! Enjoy the colorful neon lights and cool retro sound effects as you play.


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