Alien Jump

Alien Jump is a fun and challenging HTML5 game that will test your reflexes. Move the alien left and right to land on platforms, avoiding falls and black holes. This simple yet exciting infinite jump game is perfect for passing the time. Dodge obstacles, set records, and see how far you can go!

On the welcome screen, click the large Play button to start the game. You can choose a player skin using the Change Player button and toggle the music on or off by clicking or tapping the musical note icon in the upper right corner.

For desktop, use either the mouse left click button or the arrow keys to move. On touchscreen devices, swipe your fingers in the direction you want your player to move.

This is an infinite jumping game where the goal is to jump from one platform to another and go as far as you can. There are two types of platforms: regular white ones and red ones that catapult you higher. You can move off-screen from left to right or vice versa. Falling off the screen without landing on a platform results in a game over. Avoid the black hole, as it will suck you in and end the game.


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