Crazy Driving

Crazy Driving is a retro car game where you race through traffic to score big. With simple 2D graphics, it's fun for all ages. But don't let its looks fool you – it's packed with challenges. Your mission? Speed past cars, dodge accidents, and grab gold coins for high scores. What makes it stand out? It's not just about speed; quick reflexes are key as obstacles pop up. Plus, the more you score, the harder it gets, with more cars and faster speeds. Collect gold coins to boost your score and enjoy hours of fun! Just tap to steer your red car, collect coins, and avoid crashes.

How to Play: Click the play icon to start the game.

Desktop: This retro game is best played on touchscreen devices. Alternatively, use the mouse button to move the car left or right, though it may be a bit tricky.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the left and right arrow buttons to move the car from left to right.

Gameplay: Drive your car along the four-lane highway, collecting coins to score points. Be careful to avoid collisions with other cars. The game continues indefinitely until you're out, so aim for a high score!


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