Drunken Warrior

Welcome to Drunken Warrior, a unique 2D maze game where you navigate a drunken hero through complex labyrinths. Prepare for a fun and chaotic adventure as you help the Drunken Warrior stumble through mazes filled with surprises and obstacles. Spin the room to guide the warrior in the right direction, find the missing keys to unlock new rooms, and avoid spikes that can cause injuries. With over 20 challenging levels, you'll need quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to lead the clumsy warrior to the exit door.

How to play: To begin, press any key on the welcome screen. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use the Enter key to select a level from the level selection screen and to start the game. You can also use this key to get started. Use the arrow keys to rotate the area around the drunken warrior.

Touchscreen devices: While this game may load on touchscreen devices, its controls were optimized for desktops with keyboards.

Gameplay: In the game, players control a drunken warrior who automatically moves in the direction indicated on the bottom row of the screen. The objective is to guide the warrior to the exit by rotating the room around them before the timer expires. However, players must navigate various hazards such as doors blocking access to other rooms, requiring keys to unlock, and spikes that instantly end the level upon contact, often found in narrow passages and near level exits. With 20 levels unlocked sequentially, completing one level automatically unlocks the next, allowing players to replay any previously unlocked level for improved performance.


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