Earth Defender

Earth is in danger! Aliens are attacking from every direction, and you must protect the planet. Tap the screen, click your mouse, or use the keyboard arrows to move the moon and shield Earth from the invaders. These relentless aliens won't stop, but with fast reflexes and determination, you can defend our home. Are you ready to be the Earth Defender? Save the planet and show those aliens what you've got!

How to Play: Click the big Play icon with moon craters to begin.

Desktop: Use the mouse button to move the moon clockwise or counterclockwise. You can also click on the arrow keys on the screen to change the moon's rotation.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap on the left or right arrow keys to make the moon orbit the Earth.

Gameplay: Aliens will attack from all directions, and your job is to prevent them from hitting Earth. Control the moon as it revolves around the Earth to block the aliens. As the game goes on, the number of aliens increases, and they move faster. You have three lives to protect Earth at all costs.


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