Head Soccer 2022

In Head Soccer 2022, players engage in quick 1 versus 1 soccer matches to outscore their opponent within a 44-second game. Choose to play against the computer or a friend, select your country, defend your goal, and aim to score more goals. Compete against top soccer players globally, score points by hitting the ball into the goal, and strive to have the most goals to win the game. Enjoy this online soccer experience on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

How to play: To begin the game, tap the PLAY button on the welcome screen to access the mode select screen. Choose between 1 or 2 players and select the country you wish to represent from options like Argentina, Brazil, and France.

Desktop: Control the game with arrow keys for movement, jump with the up arrow key, and shoot using Z or X. For two players, the controls vary, with Player 1 using W, A, D, N, or M keys and Player 2 using arrow keys and 1 or 2.

Touchscreen devices: Use on-screen controls for movement, jumping, and shooting.

Gameplay: The game features a 44-second period match where the highest scorer wins, with sudden death overtime for ties. Emphasizing defensive play, the strategy involves staying near your goal, avoiding own goals, and using loft or straight shots strategically.


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