King of Drag

King of Drag is an exciting racing game that challenges players to drive high-performance supercars. Each race is a one-time, high-stakes drag race. Use your quick reflexes to master gear changes with the stick shift. Aim for perfect timing to gain an edge over your opponent. Get ready to rev your engine and speed towards the finish line! See you there!

How to Play: To begin drag racing, click on the big green Play button on the welcome screen. This will take you directly to the drag race track.

Desktop: To accelerate, click the pedal button in the right corner of the screen. Once moving, click on the stick shift to change gears.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap the pedal button in the right corner of the screen to accelerate. Tap on the stick shift to change gears.

Gameplay: This is a straightforward drag racing game. The objective is to cross the finish line first. You can't choose the car you'll race with; one will be assigned to you automatically. You are at the bottom of the screen, and your opponent is at the top. Gear changes are timed as too fast (blue mark on the meter), perfect (green mark), and too late (red mark). Hit the gear perfectly six times to guarantee a win. Rev up and get ready to race!


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