One Dot

Get ready for an exciting game that combines the thrill of bouncers with precise shooting skills! In the game One Dot, you'll be in control of a single point, and your goal is to knock out another point from the opposite row. It's like a battle of points! Your objective is to take down a lone target with just one shot. Timing is crucial here! You must stop the targeting arrow at the perfect moment to hit the dot located in the middle of the screen's row.

Each successful hit will bring a new twist to the game. The row will change its height, and the dot will move to a different spot. Your task is to keep hitting the lone dot wherever it appears, scoring as many points as you can! So, are you ready to test your skills in this unique game of precision and timing?

How to play: To kick off the game, simply tap the play button on the welcome screen. For a personalized touch, select the red and black button located at the top right corner to customize the game's interface color. Your high score is automatically saved by your web browser for future reference.


Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click and shoot.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen with your fingers to shoot.

Gameplay: Target and shoot the highlighted dot from the center row of the screen to earn 1 point with each successful hit.

Objectives: Aim to accumulate as many points as possible by continuously shooting the dot, as the row shifts position following each successful shot. Utilize the moving targeting arrow to align your shot, with the arrow adjusting its position automatically. Click or tap at the precise moment to halt the arrow and take your shot. Remember, you only have one shot per round to eliminate the dot. Missing this crucial shot results in the end of the game, so aim carefully and strategically to maximize your score. Enjoy the challenge and aim for a high score in this engaging shooting game experience!


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