Red Light Green Light Hide and Seek

Red Light Green Light Hide and Seek is an escape game inspired by the Netflix show Squid Game. Begin the game by running as fast as you can while the girl's back is to you and the green light is on. When she turns her head, the light will turn red. You must be hidden behind an object or sand castle, and you must not move, otherwise you will be killed! You will win if you reach the end within the time limit; if not the game is over!

Click GO with your mouse or tap on the screen to start running, then click or tap and hold anywhere on the screen to hold your position behind an object when you think the girl will turn around. Once the area is scanned and you are hidden enough and haven't moved, you may release to continue running. Repeat until you have reached the end. If you are caught, you will get shot and the game will start over. You may also click on the lightbulb in the left hand corner to give you hints when you should hide.


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