Shell Shockers io

Shell Shockers is an engaging multiplayer IO game where players embody armed eggs in thrilling, egg-centric combat. This rapid-action shooter has players maneuvering egg avatars equipped with a variety of firearms, from shotguns to rifles, aiming to outlast their rivals.

The game features diverse modes like Free For All, Teams, and Capture the Spatula. Players can select from multiple egg classes, each boasting distinct weapons and special skills. Its whimsical, comical art style enhances the game's appeal.

In Shell Shockers, the gameplay is speedy, intense, and peppered with egg-related humor. Mastery of sharp aiming and strategic movement is key to defeating opponents. Its straightforward controls welcome gamers of varying abilities.

As players accumulate points and achieve kills, they progress to higher levels, unlocking new weapons, equipment, and options for cosmetic customization. The game includes leaderboards for players to vie for top spots and display their egg-combat talents.

Shell Shockers is a captivating and addictive multiplayer experience, blending humor with action-packed, egg-themed battles. It's perfect for players looking for chaotic skirmishes or cooperative play with friends, offering a unique blend of competition and fun.

WASD to move
Space to Jump
E to change weapons
Q to launch grenade
Left Mouse button to shoot
Shift to aim
R to reload
F to melee


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