Ski Drift

Prepare to hit the slopes in 'Ski Drift', an exciting and endless skiing game that tests your skill and endurance. Steer your character down a snowy hill at an angle, swerving from side to side to avoid obstacles with a simple tap on the screen. The longer you ski, the more points you earn – but be careful of the obstacles that can stop your run!

How to Play: Tap the green Play icon to start the game.


Desktop: Click the left or right mouse button to move from side to side.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap the screen to change direction.

Gameplay: Ski Drift is an endless downhill skiing game where the goal is to ski as far as possible while avoiding obstacles like rocks, trees, stumps, and reindeer. Collect coins along the way to earn extra points. Enjoy the fun of skiing downhill and see how far you can go!


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