Supercars Parking

Get ready for the ultimate parking challenge in "Supercars Parking 1"! Your goal is to park a flashy sports car without any damage while avoiding collisions at all costs. Collect stars throughout the journey to uncover your designated parking spot. With a variety of parking challenges across 10 unique polygons, this game combines luxury cards with a test of skill. Can you achieve parking perfection and successfully park the ultimate supercar? Put your skills to the test now!

How to play: To begin playing, select the play button below the game title on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Use the up arrow key to move forward. Use the down arrow key to move backward. Hold the up or down arrow key and use the left or right arrow keys to turn.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the accelerator to move forward.
Tap the brake to move backward. Tap the steering wheel while pressing the accelerator or brake to turn.

Gameplay: You will automatically start with the first level. Complete a level successfully to unlock the next one. On the win screen, tap the next button to proceed to the next level. Your goal is to bring the car to the highlighted parking space. Collect stars along the way. Avoid colliding with obstacles such as other cars. You have 3 lives, displayed at the top left. Each time you hit something, you lose a life.


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