Two Sticks

Two-Sticks is an endless running game. In this game, you can play either by yourself or with a friend. As you keep playing, the game gets faster and faster, making it more challenging to avoid the obstacles. See how long you and your friend can keep running without crashing into anything!

How to Play: On the welcome screen, select either Solo or 2 Player mode to begin. Click on your choice to start playing. You can also adjust the music by tapping the speaker icon.


Desktop: In Solo mode, use the mouse or the A key to jump. In 2 Player mode, the red player uses the A key, and the yellow player uses the L key.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap the screen to jump, whether playing Solo or in 2 Player mode.

Gameplay: In solo mode, control a constantly running character and dodge obstacles like cacti, bats, and zombies. Touching any obstacle such as cacti, bats, and zombies, ends the game. In two-player mode, play side-by-side with a friend on the same screen, using either the touchscreen or keyboard. The game speeds up as you progress, making it harder to avoid obstacles. See how long you and your friend can keep running!


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