Alien Shoot Zombies

In "Alien Shoot Zombies," you take on the role of an alien tasked with shooting idle zombies on platforms using your alien gun. This action-packed game challenges you to strategically aim your gun, making the most of your limited bullets per level. With each zombie hit, you earn coins, adding to the excitement. Navigate obstacles strategically to enhance your gameplay experience and maximize your zombie takedowns. Get ready for a thrilling shooting adventure filled with fun and strategic gameplay!

How to Play: Tap the big PLAY button on the welcome screen to start the game. You can adjust the volume and music settings by toggling the buttons.

Desktop: Aim and shoot your gun using your mouse.

Touchscreen devices: Drag your fingers to aim and tap to shoot your gun.

Gameplay: In each level, you have a limited number of bullets to shoot idle zombies. Aim carefully to take down the zombies and earn coins. Clear each level by eliminating all the zombies. Navigate through different landscapes and obstacles in each level. Get ready to shoot down those zombies!


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