Jelly Smash

Jelly Smash is a fun game where you have one chance to pop all the floating jellies. You do this by aiming your shot to make the jellies crash into each other. This causes a chain reaction that destroys them all. The game is relaxing and easy to play. In this game, you are the blue jelly. You need to use smart moves to make the jellies fall in the right way. This takes some thinking, but it's worth it to win. You can play Jelly Smash on your device using a mouse or by touching the screen.

How to Play: Click the green "Play" button on the welcome screen to access the levels.

Desktop: Click the mouse to burst the jelly and release the bubble.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the jelly to release the bubble.

Gameplay: The objective is to smash the jellies on the board. Click/tap the blue jelly to release a bubble, which will then hit and smash the other jellies. Later levels introduce multiple jellies and require more bubbles to clear them, adding strategy and puzzle-solving elements. There are 20 levels to play through. Enjoy this relaxing and simple game!


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