Nubic Jumper

Experience an engaging idle tapping game with a Minecraft-inspired aesthetic, where you must leap over obstacles to avoid hazards and test your endurance. Choose from 12 characters, set your travel speed, and time your jumps carefully to navigate the immediate obstacles in your path. Master agility and precision to progress through the course seamlessly and achieve success in this thrilling obstacle course adventure.

How to Play: Time your jumps to navigate obstacles and hazards, aiming to survive and progress through the game.

Getting Started: Choose a character from 12 options on the welcome screen and click 'Play' to start. Your game progress, high score, and character stats are automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Left-click to jump.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to jump.

Gameplay: Choose a speed setting (default is 10) to control the pace of the game. Your chosen character moves automatically, requiring you to time your jumps carefully to avoid bombs, pits, and lava. Jump at the right moment to clear obstacles and accumulate points based on the distance traveled. Be cautious as hitting any obstacle results in an instant game over.

Scoring: Earn points based on the distance traveled, increasing in increments of 10 points. Challenge yourself to cross as many obstacles as possible to achieve a high score and improve your performance in the game.


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