Are you ready to tackle Decipher, a unique brain-teasing game that challenges your wits and agility? Just like decoding a secret message, you'll match symbols to letters and uncover hidden words. With two sections to explore, one with helpful clues and the other full of mysterious symbols, it's like a fun ABC challenge with added excitement. Beyond a simple puzzle, Decipher unveils patterns in chaos, offering a thrilling journey through tangled webs of symbols. Get ready to improve your word skills and push your puzzle-solving boundaries in this captivating game.

How to play: Tap anywhere on the loading screen to start. Hold down the link at the bottom center to reset your best score. Press play on the welcome screen and tap "I got it" after reading the instructions. Manage sound and music in the top right and find game info in the bottom left.

Desktop: Type letters and hit enter to submit. Use the backspace to fix mistakes. On-screen buttons work with mouse or touchscreen.

Touchscreen devices: Tap to select letters and backspace to correct. Hit enter to finish. Buttons for pause, full-screen, sound, and music are in the top corners. The timer shows your time and completed words. Your score appears at the end.

Gameplay: Decode words using the letter key within 90 seconds. Guess remaining letters after figuring some out. Wrong answers flash red but don't affect your score. Keep going if you make a mistake; tap backspace to fix. Using a keyboard usually earns higher scores for typing practice.


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